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4th of July

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  1. Jute Tassel Napkin Ring
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  2. Americana Popsicle Garland
  3. Fox Run Fox Run Usa Flag Picks,50/Pk
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  4. White Gold Star Tulle Dress
  5. 2PK TULLE BABY FAB CLIPS: pleated indigo
  6. 2 Pack Tulle Baby Fab Bow Clips in Cherry Gingham
  7. FAB-BOW-LOUS®: in Cherry Bow
  8. FRINGE HARD HEADBAND: cherry / ocean / white
  9. Clip Dot Shabby Knot Bow Wrap in Royal Blue
  10. THE THREE AMIGAS: chambray+navy dot+cherry
  11. 2PK BOX SHAB SET: denim dot+white dot
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