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  1. Stoneware Black/White Vases
  2. Tall Raised Floral Cluster White Ceramic Vase
  3. Mango Wood & White Metal Bottom Vases
  4. White Porcelain Accordion Vases
  5. 3D White Carnation Ceramic Vases
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  7. Tall Raised Tulip White Ceramic Vase
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  8. Hibiscus Dark Green Fluted Vase
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  9. GLASS Cambridge Ella 5" Bud Vase
  10. Blk/White Round abstract budvases
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  11. 14" White Ceramic Vase w/ Raised Dianthus Flowers
  12. 10.5" White Ceramic Bottle Neck Vase w/ Raised Lily Flowers
  13. Rose Pink Vases
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  15. Glass Faceted Teardrop Bud Vase ( Clear )