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  1. Tortuga Cereal Bowl
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  4. Italy on a Plate Book
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  7. Olive Oil Bottle in Santorini Dot
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  8. Stripe Square Platter in Santorini style
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  9. Large Footed Serving Bowl Santorini Dot
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  10. Nuvola White & Yellow High Ball Glasses
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  12. Pietra Serena Dinner Plate
  13. Pietra Serena Cereal Bowl
  14. Pietra Serena Salad Plate
  15. Pietra Serena Pasta Bowl
  16. Tortuga Asst Salad Plates
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  17. Melamine Lastra Holiday Tree Stacking Cereal Bowl
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  19. Cranberry Glass Plate/Charger
  20. Cranberry Glass Round Platter
  21. Papersoft Napkins in Florentine Red Cocktail Napkins (Pack of 20)
  22. Papersoft Napkins in Green Cocktail Napkins (Pack of 20)
  23. Papersoft Napkins Dot Green Cocktail Napkins (Pack of 20)
  24. Papersoft Napkins Dot Red Cocktail Napkins (Pack of 20)
  25. Papersoft Napkins Capri Green Guest Towels (Pack of 20)
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