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Girl Apparel

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  1. Patio Dress with Tiered Contrast Ruffles & Bow Straps
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  4. Hot Pink Leggings
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  5. Bubblegum Pink Legging
  6. Navy Flower Legging
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  8. Fun & Flowers Lavender Leggings
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  11. Sleeveless Tweed Tulle Dress
  12. Necklace Tweed Pocket Tee
  13. Plaid Tweed Shorts
  14. Tweed Dress with Purse
  15. Daisy Mesh Trim Denim Skirt
  16. Daisy Mesh Side Trim Tee
  17. Mesh Tiered Rose Dress
  18. Rainbow Embellished Puff Sleeve Tee
  19. Silver Ombre Stone Denim Skirt