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Gifts for the Ladies

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  4. Sparkle Mini Notebook Set
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  6. Adventure Bar Soap
  7. Clear Wildflower Bunch Sticker, 3x3 in.
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  9. Radiate Positivity 3x3in. Sun Sticker
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  11. Pressed Floral Satin Scrunchie
  12. Tropical Dreams Silky Satin Robe, 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  13. Rose Quartz 30 Oz. Tumbler With Straw and Handle, Stainless Steel
  14. Clear Golden Bow Sticker, 2.25x2.5in.
  15. Clear Fuchsia Bow Sticker, 2.38x2.5in.
  16. Clear Dark Red Bow Sticker, 2.6x1.88in.
  17. Emotional Support Water Bottle Sticker, 3x3in.
  18. Taylor Swift Inspired Hi, I'm the Problem Sticker, 3x2.75in