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  2. ''Now Act Surprised Like You Had No Idea This Was Coming' Bridesmaid Proposal Card - 5.5" X 4.25" A2 Size
  3. 'Go ask your Dad' Rose Quartz 30 Oz. Tumbler With Straw and Handle, Stainless Steel
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  4. 'Have a Neat Birthday' Whisky Birthday Letterpress Style Card
  5. 'It's My Turn To Pop The Question' Bridesmaid proposal Card- 5.5" X 4.25" A2 Size
  6. 'Reserved' Table Tent Cards
  7. 'Rooftop Garden Champagne' Touchless Mist Hand Sanitizer Refill Cartridge
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  9. 'Signature Scent' Touchless Mist Hand Sanitizer
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  11. 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid?' Candle
  12. 'Will You Be My Bridesmaid?' Card - 5.5" X 4.25" A2 Size
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