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Decorative Trays

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  1. Mango Wood Trays
  2. Lt Wooden Serving Trays
  3. Serving Board Round Mango Wood
  4. Lg Wooden Tray with Abstract Shape
  5. Serving Tray with 3 Black/White Patterned Tiles
  6. Bamboo Serving Tray with Handle and Etched Design
  7. Wooden Tiered Stand
  8. Lg Leaf Plate
  9. Round Black Mango Wood Tray
  10. Lg Black Oval Tray
  11. Mdm Black Oval Tray
  12. Sm Black Oval Tray
  13. Lg Gold Oval Tray
  14. Mdm Gold Oval Tray
  15. Cocktail Tray Backgammon Utopia Multi
  16. Sold Out
  17. Rectangular Bamboo Serving Tray with Handle and Etched Design
  18. Medium Tealight Holder with Etched Design
  19. 3 Tier Black Matte Food Stand
  20. Silver Abstract bowl
  21. Decorative Leaf Trays
  22. Porcelain 3 Tier Food Stand
  23. Assorted White Resin Pumpkins
  24. Whitewashed Resin Leaf Trays