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Aromatic 4oz Bitters

  • $27.99

Spiced Citrus Notes. Orange. Cinnamon. Clove. Cardamom. Suggested Classic Cocktail. Old Fashioned Suggested Spirit Pairing. Bourbon. Rye. Cognac. Contains. Alcohol, Water, Organic Herbs & Spices

We strive to make the absolute best aromatic bitters commercially available. Using a select rye whiskey foundation for our recipe — instead of the typical neutral spirit base often found on the market — Honest John Aromatic Bitters are concocted with organic botanicals sourced in the Mountain West. The earthiness of vanilla, gentian, clove, and allspice are here married with a hint of green cardamom and cinnamon. These eminently versatile bitters are suitable for cookery or cocktails in the form of modern recipes or historical resurrections. Use in traditional cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, to enliven tea or coffee, or in any recipe calling for aromatic bitters