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Bourbon Barrel Grill Blocks, 2 pound Resealable Bag

  • $22.99
  • Premium Smoking Blocks: Grill up sweet, smokey, and delicious flavor with our Barrel Proof Smoking Blocks. These blocks release a deep, rich aroma that smells like a glass of your favorite bourbon poured neat.
  • Authentically Made: Our wood blocks are made from genuine Kentucky white oak bourbon barrels, which gives them their authentic flavor. 
  • Perfect for Grilling: When used as grilling chips, these blocks infuse rich, smokey flavor into your favorite burgers, BBQ dishes, chicken, fish, vegetables, and more.
  • Resealable Package: Keep your wood blocks fresh, aromatic, and always ready for grilling with the included resealable, lined bag. 
  • Responsibly Made: To reduce waste and continue our pursuit of producing only sustainably-made products, our wood blocks are crafted from cask barrels that have been used for aging bourbon.