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Garden Harvest 9oz Candle

  • $38.99

Garden Harvest


Top: Dewy, Citrus, Bergamot

Middle: Tomato Leaf, Wild Herb, Floral

Bottom: Moist Earth, Musk, Twig


9 oz  |  40-45 hour burn

All Natural Soy Wax

Clean Burning  |  Wooden Wicks

Sustainable  |  Hand-poured in USA

  • Candle Care

    • Always place your candle on a fireproof surface and away from draft.
    • For the first burn, allow about 2 hours for a full melt pool to form before extinguishing.
    • Before you relight the candle, trim the wick by breaking off the top black bits with your fingers.
    • Do not burn candle completely. Dispose of when it burns to within 1/2" of the base.
    • Bina the Collection was founded in 2020 by candle obsessee Elizabeth Marchetti in Tampa, Florida.

      About Bina The Collection Candles:

      Elizabeth Marchetti is the founder of Bina the Collection.

      She named the company after both of her grandmothers who taught her the importance of prioritizing mental health at an early age.

      Before launching Bina the Collection Elizabeth worked for 9 years as a Fashion Designer in New York City - which as you can imagine was a high stress job.

       After a demanding day at work Elizabeth turned to self care. She burned candles on a daily basis as a therapeutic way of reducing her on-going stress and anxiety - as well as her continued depression. 

      Then Elizabeth's mental health hit a low when she was laid off due to Covid-19 in 2020.

      She then saw an opportunity to help others like herself by creating candles that reduce stress through aromatherapy.

      Our core belief is that everyone deserves to be happy - and candles do just that! Candles not only create a peaceful ambiance but they also help your mental state and well-being. That is why we craft seasonal candles - to bring you instant happiness and evoke memories through aromatherapy.